… This about the cakes (2)

And the end of the story:

Mindful of her husband’s return, she had conveyed some dough to the husband of sea-borne Venus [Vulcan, god of fire, was the husband of Venus, so = the oven] to cook.

Then she turned her attention to other work, as is the custom of countrywomen; and when she went to check the loaves in the oven she saw that they were burning on one side. At once growing angry, she said (to Alfred) not knowing him to be the king: ‘Ha, fellow!

You see the loaves burning and can’t be bothered to turn them

Yet you’re very happy to eat them when they’re warm.’

Alfred's CakesHe, suffering such heavy rebukes while great cares were uppermost in his mind, submitted to the woman’s rough words and not only turned the loaves but also watched over them and, when they were ready, served them to her according to the custom.

And this is, approximately, the story of King Alfred and the Cakes. But some things are not quite clear about this story.


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