Antonine Itinerary XIV: 2) Aquae Solis to Verlucio

This section of the iter is one of the most straightforward: signs of a Roman road are distinguishable at least from Bathford, just east of Bath. This is the Margary road 53 which carries on to Verlucio/Sandy Lane and beyond in an almost straight line. As a result, the ‘as the crow flies’ distance is virtually the same as the road route. From the satellite view the line of the road can be made out by the stright line forming the division between the fields.

Red dots are just below the route of Margary road 53, indicated by the field boundaries. Click to enlarge.

As on Margary 53, the road seems to dip southwards near the supposed site of Verlucio, and then continues east to Cunetio. The ‘as the crow flies’ distance between Aquae Solis and Verlucio is 22.43 km, as against the possible road route from the very centre of Bath, which would be about 23 km. The Itinerary‘s  15 x 1.48 = 22.2 km is close.

Like Caerleon to Caerwent, where there is a predicted,  direct Roman road, the Itinerary is fairly accurate; on this stage very accurate.

And so to the stage between Sandy Lane/Verlucio and Mildenhall/Cunetio …





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